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Estate Planning with a $5 Million+ Exemption Equivalent

The Need for Estate Tax Planning
Has Never Been Greater for Large Estates


During 2012, every news story was about the “fiscal cliff.”  The $5,000,000.00 estate tax exemption was scheduled to end on January 1, 2013, and an individual would only be able to give $1,000,000.00 estate tax free to their loved ones.

We didn’t go off the cliff.  A last minute compromise was reached and the “permanent” tax-free limit is $5,000,000.00, indexed annually for inflation.

Many experts believe that estate tax relief is anything but permanent.  Deficits remain.  Entitlements continue.  Social Security and Medicare reform is still the “third rail” in politics; always talked about but never touched.  At some point, Congress may be forced to raid “permanent” estate tax relief to provide additional funding for Social Security and Medicare recipients.

If the “permanent” estate tax law is changed, the change could come with little warning.  Instead of having years of warning about the fiscal cliff, the cliff could be reached in a matter of days.

During 2012, Acuña ❖ Regli experienced incredible time pressure and price pressure from governmental entities, appraisers, and business valuators.  Their services were absolutely necessary to complete advanced estate tax strategies by December 31, 2012.  As a result, prices for essential services soared, increasing daily until service providers stopped taking new work.

Wise families with significant wealth (net worth in excess of $5,000,000.00 for single persons; $10,000,000 for married persons) will do their estate planning now, locking in savings while tax laws are favorable, asset prices are relatively low, and service providers have capacity and are looking for work.

If you or your family has a business or significant real estate investments, please call Acuña ❖ Regli to schedule an advanced estate planning consultation at (925) 906-1880, or ContactUs@AcunaRegli.com.

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