Our Practice Is Strictly Limited To Transferring Family Wealth Between Generations

❖ Estate Planning
The core of the firm’s practice is in designing and implementing cost-efficient and tax-effective estate plans. We have particular expertise in succession planning for family-owned businesses and for farms, ranches and vineyards, and in reducing or eliminating real property tax reassessments. . . read more

❖ Probate & Trust Administration
The firm assists family members and licensed professional fiduciaries administer probate and trust estates quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Living trusts reduce or eliminate needless estate taxes and probate fees. Even with the best intentions, people sometimes do not understand the need for an estate plan, wait too long to plan, or do not have an attorney who assists with properly funding their trust. . . read more

❖ Conservatorship & Special Needs Trusts
Our attorneys assist family members with designing and implementing comprehensive care plans and benefit optimization strategies for disabled children, adults, and senior citizens. We are committed to the welfare of your loved ones. . . read more

❖ Inheritance Litigation
Acuña ❖ Regli is staffed by experienced trial and appellate attorneys with strong tax backgrounds. They are among the most experienced probate, trust, and conservatorship trial attorneys in the State of California. Poised, polished, professional, and prepared; the firm’s litigation attorneys represent. . . read more