Trustee Services: An Impartial Third Party

Acuña, Regli & Klein, LLP: When You Need a Competent, Impartial Trustee

One of the main decisions facing a client when establishing a trust is who will be the successor or independent trustee? A trustee must deal with highly sophisticated and complex matters of probate law, trust administration and investment management. Often, family members are not prepared to deal with these complexities, may not serve as trustee due to conflict of interest, or may live too far away to assist. A professional, private trustee provides peace of mind that your trust will be managed properly.

Acuña, Regli & Klein serves a select group of banks and private fiduciaries for:

* Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts;

* Life Insurance Trusts (“ILIT”s);

* Special Needs Trusts

* Tax Leveraged Irrevocable Trusts

* Probate and Conservatorship Estates; and

* Ordinary trust estates involving highly conflicted heirs and family members.

Our trustee services are not captive to any financial advisor or institution. However, whenever appropriate, we will work with our clients’ existing tax and investment advisors to provide coordinated, consistent, wealth management.

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