Samuel L. Welles, Associate Attorney

Samuel L. Welles

Samuel Welles is an Associate Attorney

at Acuña ❖ Regli.

His practice is focused in the areas of Probate and Trust Litigation. A member of the California Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, he attended law school at the University of San Francisco and received a CALI Award in Federal Income Taxation during May 2018. After law school, he practiced before the California Department of Consumer Affairs, helping clients form and manage various business entities, and general litigation. His practice now is exclusively in the area of Probate and Trust practice.

Sam was an undergraduate at Bates College in the beautiful state of Maine. His honors thesis was inducted into the Edmund Muskie Archives at Bates College, having premiered at the 2007 Mount David Summit.

Sam lives in Oakland with his family and enjoys golf and listening to old vinyl.